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Our Higher Standard

Last night our class studied Amos 3. In Amos 1-2, the nations around Israel were indicted for sins against humanity and so were Judah and Israel. Israel was prosperous, but they forgot God and oppressed the poor. Just like Israel we have everything we need, and we can forget the source of these blessings. 
Amos 3:1&2 point out that God chose Israel of all families to bless. There was a deep bond between Israel and God. Did this intimate relationship give Israel any extra leeway when it came to sin? Yes, they had the ability to sacrifice for sin, but they stopped that. Furthermore, they engaged in slave trade and denied the poor everything that the law guaranteed for them. Israelites were held to a higher standardbecause of their relationship with God. They were his elect, redeemed people. As God's chosen nation, they represented God on earth. 
Are we given extra grace because we are God's elect?  Just like Israel was God's elect nation, we are God's elect people. W…

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