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Korean War Vet

For those of you who know where Griffith Cycle is, you might imagine that we get some interesting characters that walk by. We are within walking distance of CSL Plasma, and in a rough neighborhood. 

This guy used to walk by every day about ten years ago. His wrinkles showed old age. He wore an old military jacket with patches on it and walked with a long walking stick. He was very thin and short with a gray scraggly beard. Through talking with him, I found out that he had served in Korea. Every day he walked by and always said the same thing. "Life is like riding a bicycle. If you want to keep your balance, you gotta keep-a-movin'!" It wasn't original with him, and he didn't seem exactly balanced himself, but it did make me think. 
As a proverb for life, when you stand still, you lose balance. For me, work piles up. I can tend to get discouraged when working on a big project thinking "I am never going to get done," but Dory told me to "just keep s…

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